Our Lady of Lourdes NS BALLINLOUGH

Elena is the Club Spraoi Coordinator at Our Lady of Lourdes NS. You can contact Elena by email at olol@clubspraoi.ie at any time, or by phone at 083-0962885 between the hours of 1:15pm and 6pm.

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Session Times & Prices

1:30 – 2:30  €6.60

1:30 – 3:30  €12.10

1:30 – 4:30  €16.50

1:30 – 5:30  €22.00

1:30-6:15 €26.40

2:30 – 3:30  €6.60

2:30 – 4:30  €12.10

2:30 – 5:30  €16.50

2:30-6:15 €20.90


At Club Spraoi, it is our priority to create a safe, fun and engaging environment which fulfils the needs of the children, providing them with the best experience possible.

Please read and store the following information carefully as it contains important details that you will need to be aware of when availing of our services at Our Lady of Lourdes Girls NS.

Contact Information & Communication with the Club Spraoi Team

Elena is the Club Spraoi Coordinator at Our Lady of Lourdes NS. You can contact Elena by email at olol@clubspraoi.ie at any time, or by phone at 083-0962885 between the hours of 1:15 and 6pm. Please use this number only if you need to contact Elena urgently, as her primary responsibility during our opening hours is to ensure the safety of all of the children in our care. For this reason, it is preferable for parents to email us with queries and by all means to schedule a phone call or meeting with Elena for a time that she will be able to afford more time to speak with you. Elena will be your point of contact for any issues, questions or concerns you may have relating to your child’s attendance.

We highly value the importance of good communication between us and our families and would urge you to make contact if there is anything that you would like to discuss with us about your child or likewise if you would like an update or any feedback from us.


For any queries on billing/payment please contact us at support@clubspraoi.ie


To submit a booking request, log into your AimyPlus profile and select the dates and session times that you require. The booking will then be approved by us, subject to availability for the session times and dates selected.

When making your booking, if you wish to pay weekly, select ‘Regular’. If you would like all sessions booked to appear on one invoice for payment upfront, please select ‘Casual’,

IMPORTANT: If you need to request a booking for the same day, you need to submit this booking request before 9am to allow sufficient time for us to check availability and to notify you that the booking has been accepted / declined. We will be unable to process any requests submitted after 9am,

Breakfast Club bookings must be submitted for approval before 6pm on the day before.



Club Spraoi operates a pre-pay service. All bookings must be paid for a minimum of one week in advance.

Each Monday you will receive an invoice by email which must be paid in full by 4pm on the Friday of that week.

IMPORTANT: Failure to pay an invoice by the due date will result in the cancellation of your sessions.


Payment Methods

Card Payment- Payment of invoices can be done by debit / credit card via Stripe/Paypal by selecting ‘Pay Now’ on your invoice.

Sibling Discount

If you have 3 children or more, a 25% discount will be applied on the booking for the 3rd and subsequent children.


For any queries on billing/payment please contact us at support@clubspraoi.ie


It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that your child’s bookings are in place. If you book from week to week or month to month and at the start of a new week/month there is no booking in place for your child, yet they show up at the Club Spraoi collection point at the end of the school day, we will be unable to accommodate them. They will be sent to the office for the school secretary to notify you that they need to be collected by you. (We are not insured to have children in our care that are not booked in, and bookings can only be made by the parent through the parent Club Spraoi profile).



If you wish to cancel a booking you need to email the Club Spraoi team at olol@clubspraoi.ie and let us know that session/s that you need to cancel. If the cancellation is made more than 24 hours before the start time of the session, the cost of the session will be credited to your account. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start time of the session, you will lose the cost of the session. If the session/s had not been paid in advance, the charge for this will remain on your account to be paid and no future bookings will be accepted until payment has been received.

If you have a session booked and you wish to change it to a session of shorter/longer duration, you will need to email the Club Spraoi team at olol@clubspraoi.ie and let us know that session/s that you need to amend (if an extension of a 1:30-2:30 session is required, this will be subject to availability at 2:30). If this is done more than 24 hours in advance of the session time, any credit due will be added to your account. You can use this credit to pay for future booking.


When your child is unwell / absent from school

If your child does not attend school, or is collected by you during the school day due to illness or another reason, it is your responsibility to notify us that your child will not attend. You may be cancelling the session within 24 hours of the start time and therefore not entitled to credit for the session. However, the session must still be cancelled. Where you fail to notify us by email, we will assume that your child will be present at the session start time and will use our best efforts to locate your child, including but not limited to: phoning parents, searching the school and school grounds, speaking to a representative of the school and alerting the Gardai where necessary. Failure to notify us of a non-attendance in accordance with this policy will incur a penalty of €10 which will be imposed on your Club Spraoi account.

In the event that your child has been excluded from the school as result of displaying symptoms of an Infectious Disease (such as, but not limited to COVID-19) the child shall be excluded from attending Club Spraoi until such time as the child in question has been readmitted to the school. (For further information on infectious illnesses and the exclusion periods please read our Policy on Infection Control.)


Late Collection

Where your child is collected more than 10 minutes after the end of the booked session you will be charged for that hour and every subsequent hour thereafter. The additional charges will be applied to your Club Spraoi account. Please note that no future bookings can be made until all charges on your account have been paid.

Where your child is collected after 6pm, you will be automatically charged €5.00 per every 10 minutes you are late collecting the child past closing time. The additional charges will be applied to your Club Spraoi account. Please note that no future bookings can be made until all charges on your account have been paid.


Extension of a session (on the day)

Should you require your child’s session to be extended you may do so, by contacting us by phone (number to follow) within 1 hour of the end of your child’s session. You must inform us of the time you expect to collect your child. The additional charge will be added to your invoice for the following week.


When School Finishes Early

On the days that school finishes early for a half day, we will be onsite to provide care at the earlier finishing time. The cost for this additional time will be added to your invoice for that week. If you already have a booking place for that day, we will assume that you need us to collect your child at the earlier time (and will add the additional charge to your account), unless you contact us to cancel the session for that day.

National Childcare Scheme

We operate the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) which helps parents to meet childcare costs.
The scheme provides 2 types of childcare subsidy for children over 6 months of age:
• A universal subsidy for children up to 15 years of age. It is not means tested.
• An income-assessed subsidy for children up to 15. It is means tested.

If you would like to find out more information regarding eligibility and to apply please visit

If you have been awarded claim hours and you would like us to register your child to receive the subsidy, please email is the details of your claim to support@clubspraoi.ie


Payment of invoices when claiming a subsidy on the NCS

We invoice parents one week in advance for all bookings. We receive payment of subsidies from the National Childcare Scheme one week in arrears. For this reason, you will need to pay the first two weekly invoices when your child first attends with us. On the second week that they attend, you will receive the subsidy for the first week. This credit will be applied to your account, reducing the total due for the following week.

We recommend that all parents familiarise themselves with the Club Spraoi Policies and also with the full set of Terms & Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Acceptance Use Policy

Terms and Conditions of Supply

Collection and drop off procedures

Collection by Club Spraoi at 1:30: Our team will go to your child’s classroom and collect your child directly from their teacher

Collection by Club Spraoi at 2:30: Please let your child know that they are to make their way from their classroom to the designated Infant classroom. We use Junior and Senior Infant classrooms and we alternating between these classrooms during the week, with a sign displayed outside the room that we are using each day.

Collection by parents at 2:30: Please wait at the main gate at the front of the school and a Club Spraoi staff member will bring your child out to you.

Collection by parents at 2:30 / 3:30 / 4:30 / 5:30 / 6:00:  Please go to the front gate of the school and phone us at 083-0962885 and one of our team will bring your child/children out to you.

IMPORTANT: Only authorised persons named on your child’s profile will be permitted to collect your child. If on occasion you need someone else to collect your child, you will need to contact the Coordinator directly in advance of the collection time to authorise this person to collect you child.

Due to Tusla Regulations, children can only be collected by someone over the age of 16.

Snack time

We provide a healthy snack for the children, with snack time taking place at approximately 3:40 each afternoon. Every care is taken by Elena to select enticing snack options that take into account any dietary requirements within the group. (Please update your profile to reflect any dietary requirements for your child).

Elena will email all parents with the snack plan towards the end of each month, for the month ahead. In this way, if you see something on the plan that your child does not eat, you will be able to provide your child with additional food in their lunch box for them to eat instead at snack time.

Homework Supervision

Our team will supervise and support the children in the completion of their homework Monday to Thursday. However, we do ask that parents check their child’s homework and reading at home as they may not have had time to complete it all, and to ensure that parents are monitoring any difficulties that their child may have in completing exercises assigned by the teacher.

Behaviour Management

While at Club Spraoi, children will be required to demonstrate socially acceptable behaviour. They must respect differences and refrain from disrespecting and from causing physical or emotional harm on any other child. It is inevitable as children develop and learn, there are times when they need support and guidance to understand that their behaviour is not acceptable. However, when there is a sustained pattern of serious behavioural issues (as defined in our Policy for the Management of Behaviour) we may need to exclude your child on either a temporary/permanent basis should their attendance be deemed as putting the rest of the group at risk of harm.

For further information please see our Policy for the Management of Challenging Behaviour and our full Terms & Conditions.


We strongly recommend that parents apply a long-lasting sunscreen in the morning, before school/holiday care.

In the event that further sunscreen application is needed during periods of sunny weather, written consent from the parent is not required to apply sun protection creams supplied by the parent/guardians for their own child. However, if you have not supplied sunscreen, written consent is required from parents/guardians to apply sun protection creams supplied by the service in order that the parent can advise if a previous adverse reaction may have occurred with the cream supplied by the service.


If you require clarification on any of the above information, please contact Ewa by email at olol@clubspraoi.ie at any time.